Single Magazine Pouch FULL FLAP QR AR

MultiCam Black

Catalogue index: TG-FF-1xAR-QR-MCB / Trade index: TG-FF-1xAR-QR-MCB

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    • 5904433653374
  • Trade index:
    • TG-FF-1xAR-QR-MCB
  • Weight [kg]:
    • 0.078
  • Camouflage: MultiCam Black
  • Size:
€33.83 gross / pcs €27.50 net + 23% VAT / pcs


The pouch is meticulously designed to perfectly fit a single AR (AK15 or similar) magazine.
Constructed from laminated Cordura strengthened by a polymer stiffener, it maintains its shape flawlessly, ensuring durability and resistance against wear and abrasion.
Your items are secured by a full flap lid equipped with a quick-release buckle, with an additional velcro closure option, This comprehensive flap design minimizes exposure to external factors, ensuring the safety of your ammunition and other essentials.
Crafted from Cordura 500D-based laminate, treated for infrared reflection (IRR), it requires a 2x4 MOLLE field for attachment.


Camouflage: MultiCam Black
Trade index:
Weight [kg]:
  • 0.078

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