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Who we are 

Since our inception in 2015, Templar’s Gear has transformed from a local Polish startup to a global leader in tactical equipment. By embracing laser-cut technology and robust materials, we set a high standard for design, quality and dependability with each product. Trusted by professionals worldwide, we’re committed to exceeding the high standards our customers expect. 

As we grow, feedback from our diverse user base inspires us to continually refine our products. Our team of 50, based in a state-of-the-art facility south of Warsaw, takes pride in crafting every item locally, using only mil-spec materials from Europe and the USA. This ensures our gear stands up to the challenges faced by our customers, no matter their mission. 

We’re excited about what the future holds and remain dedicated to providing equipment that performs when it matters most. Your support drives us forward, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community with gear that's as tough and functional as they come. 

Join Our Journey – regardless of your origin, please, explore our range, share your experiences, and become part of a community that values gear as tough as the missions they undertake. Visit our website, follow us on social media, or contact us directly to learn more about our products, share feedback, or ask questions. We're here for you, every step of the way. 


Right from the start, Templar's Gear has been at the forefront of innovation, eagerly integrating digital design, advanced manufacturing processes, and textile laminates at a time when they represented cutting-edge advancements in the tactical gear sector. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we never compromise on the quality of materials or craftsmanship, guaranteeing that each product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards. 

Through years of dedicated research and development, we have amassed unparalleled expertise in material customization, technological processes, and manufacturing methods. This deep knowledge has enabled us to excel in creating tactical equipment that is not just lightweight and functional, but also exceptionally robust and durable. 

Our technological prowess has distinguished us from our competitors, propelling us from the pioneering creators of laser-cut tactical gear to established industry leaders. This journey of innovation and commitment to quality reflects our dedication to providing our customers with equipment that offers superior performance in the most demanding conditions.

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At Templar’s Gear, innovation and excellence are at the core of everything we do, driven by a commitment to our customers. Our goal is to provide not just tactical equipment, but confidence and reliability in every situation. Understanding that our gear plays a critical role in your safety, we prioritize functionality, durability, and quality above all. 

Your trust and loyalty are our greatest motivators, guiding us to constantly improve and innovate. We do this for you, knowing the profound responsibility we hold. We want Templar’s Gear to be more than a brand; it’s a promise of partnership and trust, ensuring we never compromise on the quality that your life may depend on.